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11th Bognor Beavers Trip To The Shops

11th Bognor Beavers took a trip to Tesco to finish their term. Read about their adventure here.

Tesco's Cheese sampling

The visit to the Bognor Tesco’s was a great success, Jackie our host was extremely good and really engaged with the Beavers. It was hard to contain their excitement going from section to section. The volume went up and up, this was down to their sheer pleasure and general excitement of going behind the scenes, going into the freezer at -20˚C and shutting two adults in (naughty Jackie) if only for about 5 seconds, the kids roared with laughter.

Tesco's Bakery

Also we were lucky to see a lorry come in and deliver cages of goods and some of them had chocolate eggs so that caused the kids to say which one they wanted or hoped would fall and break so they could eat it. The beavers were also pleased with a little goodie bag with fruit and hot cross buns, stickers and they could take their hats home. Generally a good time was had by all and we highly recommended this trip.

Tesco's Cheese counter

Tesco's Farm to Fork Fish counter