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Over 100 Cubs from Bognor District took part in the World Scout 10 pin Bowling Competition, the Jambowlree. The Cubs took over the bowling alley for an evening’s bowling fun. With their scores entered on line the Bognor Cubs are competing against Cubs from all over the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Gibraltar. The results will be announced later in the year.

Jambowlree 3


Young Leaders To The Rescue!

“We need Young Leaders!” was the call for many groups within Bognor Regis and District Scouts, but not anymore!
The district has recently seen a boom in numbers of Explorer Scout Young Leaders coming through the ranks to join the Young Leader Training Scheme. With a combined total of eleven new Young Leaders from Arctic Fox and Tsunami, March saw the starting point of a new wave of young leaders as they all got settled into their new roles within the sections and undergo the necessary initial training. Despite the Module A training being delivered to the biggest group so far, it was a success with all the young people pitching ideas and discussing different scenarios, sharing past experiences and ideas; coming to attention and focusing when it was time to move on to the next subject. This is a good sign for the future of the scheme as young people get engaged in scouting outside their group.

Preparing to Take off


Recruiting For You!

Over the weekend 11th Bognor Regis Rocks Troop completed a skills camp and whilst they were there they filmed a recruitment video for a Team Leader for their group.

The scouts learned pioneering, how to safely light fires, use axes and saws and also how to deal with conflict and problem solving.


Though the main task of the weekend was to learn this vital skills, they used the opportunity to create something special. After being briefed that the leaders needed their help to try and fill a role that has been vacant for quite sometime, they came up with making a video. Having seen some other people’s videos they started working on theirs.

The scouts brainstormed from notes that were taken at a leaders meeting on the subject and they started to think of how to put these points across.

On the weekend Alice directed and scripted the video, with great vision and clear instructions to her stars. Kieran and Georgia were brilliant in delivering the key information about the role, and were supported by the other scouts learning the skills in the background carefully and attentively.

Georgia & Kieran

Once the video was filmed, Alice and Georgia edited the video so that everything made sense and it was engaging and interesting. This was then posted to youTube and after a couple of days has already accumulated over 100 views!

After a bit of plugging on social media Wayne Bulpitt, UK Chief Commissioner, tweeted this

Fancy being a team leader? Love this video from @RocksTroop especially Georgia & Kieran - well done guys. @ukscouting

That is praise indeed! If you want to watch the video please either see this website’s home page or go to