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Congratulations James!

Congratulations James!

James Hurren has completed the Chief Scout Gold Award. This is the highest award you can gain in the Scout section. To achieve this James has had to completed various challenges, including personal development ones, for example team building and teaching others, to adventurous ones like kayaking and climbing.


Some of James’ favourite activities he has completed on his journey are camping, last summer he went on the international WS2013 camp, lighting fires and many, many more. Every task that was thrown at him, James has worked out the solution and completed each one. Recently to develop communication we did blindfold tent pitching, in which only one member of the patrol was able to see and the rest were blindfolded. The member who could see could not touch the tent, but had to direct the rest of the patrol in pitching the tent. James showed great leadership and communication skills, his team succeeded brilliantly in the task thanks to James.


James was also part of the District’s shooting team which achieved fourth place in the county shooting competition. This is yet another string to a bow that is full of skills! He is a real credit to scouting and can achieve whatever he puts his mind too. It has been a privilege to be his Scout Leader. Well done James!

Chris Summerfield
11th Bognor Regis Rocks Troop