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Carnival Drop In Evening

A Drop in Session is being planned as part of the Carnival Prep.
Leaders: The more the merrier...if you are able to come along and support this activity, please contact Wendy. Ideas for bases as well as supplies of craft material would be gratefully received (actually, it will be quite a flop without them!).
We are creating a Jungle Book scene on the Float, so we are thinking “green hand prints for jungle leaves”, Paper plate birds (with colourful feathers), garlands of colourful flowers, vines, snakes, fruits... Hmmmm.... lots of fun to be had!
Cub Packs: if you would like to wear your cub uniform to the parade, we are hoping to create a “Wolf Cub Pack”. I have a template for a wolf mask (it’s really cool!), and I have a lovely friend who has offered to make wolf tails to add to our uniform (open for leaders too!!!). Please let me know if your pack would like to do this, and how many tails you would require. I can pass a template for the mask to you so you can do it at a pack meeting if that’s helpful...otherwise, come along to the Drop in!

When? Wednesday 29th May 2013
Where? The 39 Club, Church Path, Glamis Street, Bognor PO21 1DB (behind St Mary’s School, next to Hotham Park)
Time? Drop by between 6pm–8pm
Wear... Uniform is not necessary, please wear old clothes as you may get mucky!
This is open to Scouts of all ages – but please note that Beavers and Cubs must be accompanied by an adult.

2nd Bognor Regis Family Hike

On Saturday 4 May the 2nd Bognor Group held a family hike from Eartham Woods with an excellent turnout of 19 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. The picture shows the fun that was had!

2nd Bognor

Call For Arms For The Carnival 2013

Bognor Regis Carnival 16th June 2013

Calling all Bognor District Scouts

You may have been made aware by the representative of your Group who attended the initial 2013 Carnival Committee meeting that the theme for this year’s event is “The World of Cartoons” and very aptly we elected to present our float as “The Jungle Book”.

Pasted Graphic

We now have 6 weeks to go so its time for the District to pull together and ensure that we retain our trophy won last year and provide a memorable day for attending youngsters.

A larger truck has been reserved with opening rear doors to allow connection & continuity between those on and off the float. We aim to have youngsters and a proportional number of Leaders on the float who are dressed in the attire of a Jungle book characters (ish). It is expected that we will have ample monkeys but some other exotic animals would be good.

The walkers can be whatever they want as long as it fits the overall theme of Cartoons so Bart Simpsons or Fred Flintstones are fine–but will be walking.

As last year we intend to enhance the truck with painted whiteboard creating bright jungle scenes and animals. Camouflage netting and maybe some fresh cut greenery will all add to the effect. We really need Groups or Sections to come forward to volunteer for the painting and to ensure continuity of design we will need to work together otherwise the format will differ halfway along the truck so ideally if a couple of Groups could come forward who are prepared to gather some paint, (last year we used left over DIY paint). Please contact me ASAP if you have a team/sections etc looking to do this as we need to get cracking sooner rather than later. Naturally involving the YP’s leads to a creative badge of some sort and part of your programme.

The boards will be mounted as last year using elbow brackets and ingenuity with 4 uprights at each corner and the rest attached to the floor and along the outside overhanging the side safety bars etc. This will provide full visibility of those aboard.
We previously advised that YP’s could wear onesee’s etc and certainly further creativity can be applied for the making of animal masks. Taller YP’s & Leaders may have to work a bit harder for suitable attire but were Scouts……………resourcefulness is us!

On the day we will need volunteers to assist with the dressing of the truck, armed with assorted basic DIY tools and bags of energy.

Be aware that the route has extended this year. I will provide further details, start times etc when the council have finalised their plans.

Carnival 2013…………..BRING IT ON!!

Any questions, thoughts, idea’s give me a call/email. This is OUR carnival so all input welcome.

Tim Holland