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Bognor Cubs Rise To The Challenge!

A team of Bognor Cubs represented the District in the County Cub Challenge.

They took on teams from all over West Sussex in the competition held at a Horsham campsite. The Cubs needed to show good team work over a variety of tasks. Their challenges included compass work, pioneering, code breaking and best of all a food tasting test. Points were awarded for each activity.


After an action packed fun afternoon all the teams took part in a rather wet relay race, using large sponges to transport water across the field.

Photo 24-09-2013 16 00 53

The points were added up and Bognor were the winners by nine points. A very excited team collected the trophy to take back to Bognor.


DC Casts Off!

On a mild Saturday afternoon in Bognor Regis, our DC claimed her prize that was donated to her from the Middleton On Sea’s AGM, a trip out on their Laser 2000.


After borrowing her entire attire from Lindsey (her Deputy) she was apprehensive but raring to go! Roger, Middleton’s Chairman, and his first mate Jamal took Ally out on the water aboard Baloo (the boat). The wind on the shore was light so a gentle sail was expected, once out on the water the wind was gusty making life a little more interesting. This was welcomed by all as this meant that more fun could be had, and higher speeds reached.


Roger delegated the responsibility of the spinnaker sail to Ally, just so she didn’t get a free ride! This was deployed a fair few times, we think most were under orders! After about two hours the trio headed back to land, all had beaming smiles on their faces, the biggest by far was Ally’s.


The consensus from all who were there is that we no longer have a land lubber DC! All we can say is watch out all you who sail off Bognor Regis, there is a new girl on the waves!

2nd Bognor's Summer Activities

During the end of term because of the beautiful weather we took our cubs out to Hotham Park. There we did a variety of games that involved water like playing dodge ball with wet sponges. We also took them to the playground and let them play around.

park 1

On Monday 5th August we went crabbing at Pagham Harbour. 11 cubs arrived in total and although overcast the weather held on for us. The cubs seem to enjoy themselves and some, after trying the fish for bait, decided that I liked fish. All in all a good day with lots of crabs caught and some sweets eaten.

crabbing 2

On Saturday 17th August the cubs embarked on a sailing adventure thanks to Felpham sea scout leaders. Although the weather was to bad to get some proper sailing done the cubs went on the powerboats and played in the sea. Needless to say they got wet Happy They enjoyed every moment of it and some say it was one of the best activities they did during the summer. 8 cubs attended this activity

sailing 3

On Tuesday 20th August we took the cubs to the beach. We met at the Waverly pub and walked down with them to the pit stop cafe. Here we gave them a challenge to build a fort with a moat and 4 walls. They split into their two teams and with their buckets and spades began digging. Half way through we sent them team by team up to the pit stop cafe to get a 99 or oyster ice cream ( the best ice cream for whippy in Bognor). At the end we did another challenge to see who's fort would with stand an "attack" from boulders and with the cubs standing back we let them see. A very beautiful day in the sun.

beach 2